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163 Mitchells Chance Rd #322
Edgewater, MD 21037

410 533-3098

The mountmakers at Brigid offer museum quality art and artifact mounting services in the Washington DC, Baltimore, and St Louis areas, as well as nationally and internationally.



Brigid Mountmaking offers mount-making, installation, and consultation services for museums and collectors, nationally and internationally.


Mount-making, installation, and consultation for museums and collectors 
in the Washington DC, Baltimore, and St. Louis areas, 
as well as nationally and internationally.


Why Brigid?

We formed Brigid out of our concern for object safety in an unregulated mountmaking industry. 

It is easy to claim to be experienced and follow best practices. Without a certification process or best practice industry standards, a company can send anyone with pliers into a museum as a qualified bracket-maker. Museums with beautifully painted brackets hiding corroded green soldering joints understand the significance of this problem. Museums should not have to worry that their object is stuck in a case with untested paint or adhesives. Museums should not be surprised to discover that the first time a person bent metal for a bracket was with their artifact.

We are determined to prove our competence. To that end, we present profiles on each of our mount-makers and examples of their mounts in our online galleries. To fill the absence of an industry-wide best practice policy, we detail the essential qualities of a good mount in our manifesto. We are passionate about our work. This passion translates into exceeding the expectations of our clients and safely handling and mounting irreplaceable artifacts.